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Our Story

The idea behind OptimalQ’s technology has its roots in a problem encountered in outbound call centers. In the modern workplace and day to day life, we realized that there is a big problem with telemarketers – they always seem to call at the worst possible time. Its not clear what's worse, having missed calls from unknown numbers, receiving calls in right in the middle of a meeting or while carrying bags of groceries from the supermarket. The telecom industry could do so much better if they just got their timing right. So OptimalQ was born in order to maximize the efficiency of sales reps to ensure they don't waste time being unanswered or answered by people that don't have the availability to speak to them right now.


OptimalQ’s groundbreaking availability insight generation technology is revolutionizing call centers all over the world. Traditionally, sales representatives and retention agents choose their next call with what we refer to as the Naive Process, not based on real-time data. Auto dialers too, work in a similar manner. The typical results of that Naive Process are a frustratingly low answer rate, bad call timing, and exasperated sales representatives. We are here to change all that!​​ OptimalQ’s proprietary technology harnesses a combination of big data statistical models, real time data processing, and machine learning to intelligently look ahead at a set of leads and assess the availability of each lead. This way, you can always be sure reach your contacts just in time. Our availability insight platform will result in more people answering your calls when they actually have the time to talk – meaning your calls will be longer and more productive.

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