OptimalQ – A Revolution in Outbound Call Centers


OptimalQ’s groundbreaking availability insight generation technology is a major step forward in the field of outbound call centers. This could be the product that will revolutionize call centers all over the world.

Traditionally, sales representatives and retention agents choose their next call with what we refer to as the Naive Process, not based on real-time precise data. Auto dialers too, work in a similar manner. Even if you were the world’s best marketing representative, you’d still have to generate enough outbound calls with the hope that some of the potential customers will actually answer the phone. Anyone who has worked in telemarketing will be able to tell you that the typical results of that Naive Process are a frustratingly low answer rate, bad call timing, and exasperated sales representatives. We are here to change all that!

OptimalQ’s proprietary technology harnesses a combination of big data statistical models and real time network information to intelligently look ahead at a set of mobile numbers and, without making a call, assess the availability of each lead. This way, you can always be sure what the best number to call is – right now.

Our availability insights would result in more people answering your calls when they actually have the time to talk – meaning your calls will be longer and likely more productive.

Our tightly integrated product offerings allow you to take advantage of this amazing technology, avoid making calls to busy or unavailable customers, and also evade bad/disconnected numbers (which typically account for 10-15% of most calling lists). Using OptimalQ’s advanced technology wins back that valuable operator time that was once wasted on answering machines and unresponsive leads.

Get a unique edge over your competition! Take advantage of OptimalQ’s technology!

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