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optimalq-call-center-techOptimalCall for Spot The right tool for conversion teams and for rookie sales agents, OptimalCall for CRM automates your sales teams lead selection process.  With just one click you will be able to get the most available lead - minimizing your team's "thinking time" to a mere second, by giving them the next lead they should be calling, right now!


ActiveLeads for SpotOption ActiveLeads for CRM is the perfect product for a mature, experienced call center. While the OptimalCall product family automatically recommends your next best lead - ActiveLeads will allow you to see availability insights directly in the CRM customer tables! Your conversion and retention representatives can continue following their normal work methods, but incorporate the availability insight into their lead selection methods, and will be will be notified when one of their leads turns active!


OptimalCallPlus for Spot OptimalCall+ is operated by sales representatives in exactly the exact same way as OptimalCall - a simple click of the button. However, the technology behind OptimalCall+ is laced with business intelligence. You have the option of adding your own lead scoring to our system, and so the next best call recommendation will not only take into account what lead is most available - but also what lead is the most valuable for your business!

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Other Options

Insight API

Insight API   Find out which of your leads is currently available for your call, while still retaining the familiarity of your own CRM. Our availability insights service can be integrated into any CRM in the market using the Insight API. Your sales agents will receive real-time availability information about your leads and will be able to make smarter decisions. A great upgrade for any call center!

OptimalCall Standalone

OptimalCall Standalone   Enjoy availability insights using an independent platform. OptimalCall is a standalone gateway to our technology, allowing you to import your lead lists and focus your efforts on those of your potential customers that are most available for a call. Using OptimalCall is easy and simple! Once you have imported all your leads you'll get our next best call suggestion - at the click of a button!