Our Mission

Why call every lead you have when you can focus your dialing efforts on those potential customers that are so much most likely to be available and more receptive? You don’t need to have years of experience with telemarketing to know that people don’t always answer their ringing phones. There can be dozens of reasons why a person does not pick up the phone… it might be switched off, or in a low-reception area. Your client might simply be unavailable for a call right now, or he/she could be busily working on an important task. optimize-calls-leads-optimalq-technology And don’t forget a simple fact – when you are trying to turn a lead into a customer – they might not know it’s you who’s calling them, and might not feel an urgency to pick up the phone. The bottom line is that your potential customers will not be converted if you fail to reach them at the appropriate time.

Having OptimalQ’s availability insights is the game changer you need! When you increase your answer rate by 100% and more, you are looking at hours of time saved. But that’s not all! OptimalQ wants to grant you the opportunity of calling your clients with perfect timing . Your dialling efforts will be maximised, while your customers will be happier, receiving your calls when it is more convenient for them.

We like to call it our mission. In past years we’ve seen businesses from all industries: some small, others big, some having basic training and mediocre salesmen, and others mastered their training and created sale team ninjas. But they all had one thing in common. The customer. And if the customer doesn’t pick up the phone – it doesn’t matter that your pitch was the best of them all – no one was there to hear it.

This is the origin of OptimalQ. We wanted to create a tool, something everyone could use. A user-friendly tool to cross over industry lines, that would suit any call center, large or small, from any field. And we’ve done just that.

It’s About Increasing Motivation

We believe that with our technology we are doing so much more than just discovering which one of your leads is more likely to answer your call. We know that the average call center employee works 9 hours a day. That’s a lot of calls to make, especially when no one answers your phone calls. This “bad sequence” of unanswered calls could bring down even the most experienced sales person. When a sales rep needs to waste an hour (or more) just trying to reach and hear a human voice, motivation drops, energy reserves are drained, and he/she could be missing his MOJO in that 1 answered call. The constant flow of answered calls will make sure your sales representatives does not lose focus. He will stay upbeat – knowing the next sale is right around the corner.

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