About OptimalQ

idea-plan-action-optimalq-mission OptimalQ was founded in 2015 by two experienced developers, who met while serving in the technology units of the Israeli Defense Forces. Their unique bond stems from a deep friendship and complementary skills. Having experienced different working environments throughout the years, each of the co-founders of OptimalQ brings a different point of view to the table.
The idea behind OptimalQ’s technology has its roots in a big problem encountered in outbound call centers. However, you don’t need to work in one to realize it. While working for various startups and hi-tech companies, honing their technical skills and engineering experience, the co-founders realized that there is something ironic with telemarketers – they always seem to call in the worst possible time. It isn’t clear what is worse, having many missed calls from unknown numbers, or receiving calls right in the middle of a meeting or while carrying bags of groceries from the supermarket. That’s when the idea for OptimalQ was born.

Sales Agents Need To Have Better Timing

It might sound strange. How can someone be able to call you with better timing, if he doesn’t even know you? Being the result-driven people they are – Yadin, Yechiel and Alon decided to figure out how to make it happen. Combining their skills, they cracked the code. A smart algorithm that can display real-time availability insight and tell you exactly who you need to be calling, right now!

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Meet The People Behind OptimalQ

Yadin Haut

Though coming from a deep technological background (Served at Ofek- IAF technology unit and worked on various development and system projects), Yadin's work with OptimalQ has taken him in an entirely new direction. Creating new strategies and developing OptimalQ's brand was the perfect combination between his skilled technological mind and his passion for entrepreneurship. Undaunted, he is not afraid of getting hands-on into  a project , Yadin is truly a tech-problem-solver.

Yechiel Levi

Founded his first Tech company at the age of 13, Yechiel defines himself as a wildcard. After taking on various roles in the online world, such as: Cyber-Security and ISec, Software development, Network protocols, Team leadership & Project management, Yechiel is now excited to be heading his own tech division, thus ensuring things will always get done.