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algorithm-technology-call-optimizer-optimalq OptimalQ harnesses the power of Big Data predictive analytics to your advantage! With carefully thought-out algorithms, we have developed a real-time technology that will allow your call center to reach more leads every day. Our product you will significantly increase your answer rate and the help select the customers most receptive for a sale.

Combine Lead Scoring & Availability Insight

information-data-business-logic We know (and respect the fact!) that you have your own business logic. As the years went by you have discovered how "dry information" such as: time zone, country, age, etc. could be used to differentiate regular leads from quality leads. We salute you for that. Our technology will capitalize on your years of experience - and will add real time information to the lead selection process.

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beat-your-competition-technology-call-centre-optimalq Most of the companies these days focus on getting a good lead pool for their team to contact... But your potential clients have most likely signed up to get information from other companies in your field, and they are probably listed in your competitors' lead pools as well. Some of your competitors might offer a slightly different service; they may have better, or less talented sales representatives... but that won't matter at all if you are the one who gets the clients on the phone - at a convenient time for them! Using our smart algorithms will give you that extra edge over your competition, something they might not have thought about. We are certain that our products will provide you the much needed insights on the availability of your leads, thus allowing you to dramatically increase your answer rate. In today’s world, every business has competition... Let us provide the best fuel for your race car and help you win the race!

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